Secret shopper summary

Yesterday I took a trip to my new local library. After receiving my new card, I asked to be directed to the reference desk. There were two librarians available, one older and one younger. I approached the younger first and asked for a romance novel. She looked confused because I was not specific. She asked what type I wanted..Historical? Contemporary? Suspense? I said I was not really sure. I just wanted something easy to read on a trip.

She turned with a questioning look to the older librarian. She immediately grabbed a pen and paper and started suggesting authors. Phillips, Carr, Mallery, and Roberts. She explained slightly about the differences in the story/theme of the different authors. The suggestions that she gave me all had multiple books that would provide for further reading opportunities for a patron.

The one thing that I felt was missing in this experience was the librarian taking the time to teach the patron how to find materials on their own. I know I came up with a direct questions about a specific genre, but it would have been an excellent time to “educate” me on how to find the same information in the database.

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Claudia. I am newly married and now a mother of five (instead of two). I have recently changed my entire life from becoming a wife, quitting two jobs, moving away, finishing my Masters degree this semester, and reinventing who I am. I am a Netflix junkie and use to be an avid reader until a few years ago. Life got too busy and I forgot how much I loved reading. Recently I started again, and I am hopeful that this class and my other literature class will give me an opportunity to bring that love of reading back into my life.

When it comes to reading, I am a “wild reader”. I have genres or styles that I like but am willing to try new things all the time. Thankfully my two children (18 and 14 years) have the same passion for reading that I do. We share books and have discussions about them on a regular basis. My new step-children (10, 14, and 18 years) are not readers as much, but having a librarian step-mom is already changing that.

Some of my favorite authors are Koontz, Rowling, Condie, Kidd, and Sparks. My favorite books of all time are Harry Potter and Wizard of Oz. I tend to gravitate toward young adult literature because of sharing with my children. I will try new authors and genres though. I recently read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. It was an inspirational and heartbreaking story.

I look forward to learning from this class and all of you. Sharing books and authors has always made for the most interesting finds.